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Classics paragliding tandem flights

Her you gonna find all our summer paragliding tandem flights in Gruyère and Gstaad, 20 min, 40 min and 60 min  

In Gruyère area we mostly fly from a amazing place calling Grandvillard but also Moléson et Charmey!

For Gstaad et Rougemont we fly from the mountain of Rodomont and Wispile.

We aloso fly from the crazy Glacier 3000 wich is the biggest flight we have.

Be welcome for an amazing experience.

get high with us 20 mn paragliding flights over the the swiss Alps

 +- 20  min

April to September

Charmey, Grandvillard, Moléson, Wispile, Gstaad, Gruyère

190 CHF 

Des vols en parapente biplace ou tandem en Gruyère et Gstaad

40 min paragliding flights ower the Gruyere area or Gstaad

vol tandem parapente en suisse romande en Gruyère et suisse allemande à Gstaad

+- 40 min

Mai to September

240 CHF 

Charmey, Grandvillard, Moléson, Gruyère, wispile, Gstaad

the 60 min tandem flight

60 min paragliding flight ower the Swiss Alps, Gruyère and Gstaad

Vols en parapente en gruyère et Gstaad

Charmey, Grandvillard, Moléson, Gruyère, wispile, Gstaad

+-60 min

Mai to September

290 CHF 

PAragliding flight over the Diableret Glacier 

Vol au glacier 3000 en parapente tandem biplace diableret col du Pillon

30 to 45 min

September till 9 october

Glacier 3000

350 CHF 

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