top of page - PAragliding tandem flights in Gstaad and Gruyère switzerland  

We organise paragliding tandem flights around Gstaad and Gruyère since 1990.
We propose different kind of flights, Classic tandem from our local cable car Gstaad Wispile, Charmey Vounetz, Moléson, or  Grandvillard and Albeuve in Gruyère valley

For the more athletic, we offer Hike and fly from our beautiful Swiss Alps summits (Vanil du Van, Merlas, Tsermon, Vacheresse and Vudalla).

We also organise special trip in Morocco for paragliders, the pace to be in winter for endless soaring.

Our goal is to share with you an unforgettable experience.

Hike and fly parapente randonnee en gruyère Gstaad Moleson vols tandem saut en parapente

Hike and fly in the Swiss Alps

The best tandem experience in your life!

Hike up fly down!

From 320 CHF

Séjours parapente au Sud MAroc  soaring  en bord de mer à gogo, survol des arches de Legzira et bien sur thermodynamique depusi le nid d'aigle d'ou nous pouvons voler vers le nord et le sud

8 days paragliding road trip in Morocco for endless soaring along the sea.

Legzira, Aglou, Nid d'Aigle 
Enjoy the sun in winter  

1080 CHF

vol biplace gruyère Gstaad Lenk Moléson paragliding tandem

Flight over your ski resort Tandem paraglider with or without ski

Choose a flight

From 150 CHF

blog parapente en Gruyère BGD Yoofly

Blabla blabla .....

Nous replions ton parachute de secours en 24 ou 48h, les parachutes rond et carré

A freshly folded reserve opens much faster. Fold it twice a year.

We offer you to refold your reserve professionaly.


From 70 CHF

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