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Meeting point for you tandem flight

We fly to several local spots in Gruyère, Gstaad and Rougemont. During your tandem paragliding flights, you will have to travel to the different spots.

Here is the access and parking information.


Chemin du camping 20

1667 Enney

+41 (0)79 324 05 46 



Head quarter YooFly


The Grandvillard spot is located in Gruyère. It is accessed by Bulle (20 min), Les Mosses or by Gstaad and Chateaux-D'Oex.

The meeting place is between the villages of Grandvillard and Estavanens.

Meeting location information

There is a drinking water fountain, a toilet, tables in the shade.

We land there.


Please use the route shown in the photo opposite and do not take the gravel track marked with a red cross. THANKS.

Carte d'accès au site de parapente de Grandvillard en Gruyère pour les vols en parapente biplaces

Meeting location information

There are parking spaces, a drinking water fountain, public toilets, a bench.
We land 100m east of the church.

The Rodomont flight site is located in Pays d'Enhaut, more precisely just above the Rougemont church between Saanen/Gstaad and Châteaux-D'Oex.

Park in the church parking lot.



The Wispile flight site is located just above Gstaad, more precisely at the exit of Gstaad towards the Col du Pillon.

The appointment is made directly in front of the ski lift cabin cash desk.


Meeting location information

Large parking lot and WC.
We land 200m southwest of the cabin departure point.

Warning: do not go with your vehicles to land.

Moléson Village

Moléson is the emblematic mountain of Gruyère. The meeting takes place in front of the departure point of the funicular which goes up to Plan-Francey.

Meeting location information

Large parking lot and WC, café and restaurant.
We land on the plain, either at Grandvillard or at Estavannens.

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