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Hike and fly tandem 

Be welcome for an amazing experience of paragliding in the Swiss Alps. Hike and fly is perfect for those who want to hike up and fly down, we have a lot of beautiful trail around Gstaad and Gruyère it is so cool to fly down after a nice walk. come and try you will never forget it. In gruyère you can of course mixe it with a good cheese fondue at the gruyère castel.

Small hike and fly down the perfect hike and fly combo

parapente hike and fly marche et vole en gruyère olivier nicolet vol rando

15 to 20min flight

1 to 2h  hike

Mai to November

Vudalla, Vacheresse, Merlas

320 CHF

long hike and fly down

Tsermon Millet, Hormatt rando vol en gruyere parapente biplace olivier nicolet

15 to 20 min flight

2 to 3h walk

Mai to November

Tsermon, Millets, Hochmatt

420 CHF

Small hike but huge flight 60 min flight 

vol en parapente en suisse romande biplace Gruyère Gstaad Charmey Moléson

30 min to 1h flight

1 to 2h walk

Mai to September

Vacheresse, Vounetz, Merlas

470 CHF

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